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These are my favourite links on the web... most of them cat-related of course! Please take a browse around... and if you got a link that's "a must", please e-mail my mamma, and she might add it!

NB:  If you entered this site through the webring, please click on "Spartacus" in the left hand side menu, and you'll be taken to my homepage.  Thanks a bunch!  Purr-purr!

Cindy Drews Cat Pages!

Click on my piccie above, and you'll be taken to Cindy's Cat Pages.  She's got a great site, with all sorts of great stuff on it!  There's cat-related links (even a link to my site!  If you got a kitty site, she might add that one too), a fab advice column for cat and cats "parents"....  and tons of other stuff.  Have fun!

Sitting Pretty Kitty!

Click on the picture above, and you'll be taken to Sitting Pretty Kitty...  and you're little "baby" never have sat as pretty as this before!  This is just one example of all the amazing cat-trees, hidingplaces, scratchingpoles that you can purchase!  Absolutely fantastic stuff!  Take a browse around, and get those credit cards out - a must for all cat lovers.  There's also a page where you can add your cat link, and even a "Cutest Cat" competition...

Dr Evils World

OK, OK...  so, Dr Evils World might not have much to do about cats...  but it does have a lot to do about fish!  And I love fish - to eat it that is!  And things don't get much cooler than Dr Evils World when it comes to fish!  Click on the picture above and have fun!

The Cat Album!
Have you got a cat, almost as cute as me?  If so, hurry up and click on the banner above!  At The Cat Album you can submit piccies of your beautiful little kitty friend!


Wow - wow - wow!  This site is the most amazing cat site ever!  Visit Clyde, the smartest most handsome cat ever (want to be just like him!)...  I promise...  you'll be rolling on the floor with laughter!  A must for all cats and cat lovers to visit!