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I'm so famous I've even had a painting named after me! Below are a few links where you can find me... I'm not just contained to this site!


Click on my piccie to the right, and you'll be taken to a site where you can vote on the cutest cat in the world! You know it makes sense - give me a 10! Purr-purr...


A talented painter made this intense and really cool painting... and he named it after me! Thank you! Purr-purr! Wish I could look that scary...


The picture to your right here will take you to my resume / CV... how many other kitties can claim they got their very own resume / CV???


If you click on my piccie here, to the right, you'll be taken to C My Cat... I'm under green eyes... Ah, I'm so gorgeous!


At this piccie to the right, you'll be taken to The Cat Album... where there's hundreds of fab kitty piccies! I'm at page 91... have fun, and don't forget to submit your own kitty-piccie!