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This page is all about me! My favourite subject!


This is the first piccie mamma and daddy ever took of me... I'd just arrived at my new home, and I tipped the scales at a puny 867g!

Well, with the name of Spartacus, I guess you've come to the conclusion that I'm male - and right you are!

Mamma and daddy didn't want me...  of course they wanted me the second they saw me!  Who wouldn't?!?  But they wanted a shelter cat...  as there is so many cats out there that need good homes, mamma and daddy wanted to be the ones that could give that to one of them..

Mamma and daddy had wanted a cat for so long, they had already bought cat bowls, cat toys...  even cat food!  And they had no cat...  So they started calling around to nearby animal shelters...  In the end they had called five of them!  But the only cats that needed homes were cat that were ill.  Unfortenatly neither mamma nor daddy would be able to give a seriously ill cat the care it would need at the moment, as it wouldn't be fair on an ill cat to be left alone during the day.  Mamma was so sad, she was sad she wasn't able to give these cats the home they deserved, and she was sad she didn't have a kitty to love...

Daddy said:  "That's it.  We're getting a cat no matter what!"  And that's when they came to see me...  I was the runt of the litter!  The puniest of them all, but also the wildest!  I ran towards them, and climbed all over them!  My other 5 siblings just slept away, and missed out on all the fun...  Mamma and daddy fell in love with me at once!

As you must have noticed by now... I got the most beautiful stripes! I got them from my mommy, she's a Maine Coon. My father was black and white... I've never met him, but mamma says she knows this as I had two black and white siblings!



Hmmm... let's see what's on telly!

I do actually like watching telly... my favourite is snooker!  Jumping at the telly trying to catch those balls can entertain me for...  well...  for at least 5 minutes!




Being very naughty!

I try so hard to be good...  but sometimes I just can't help it!  And that's when unfortunate things like this happens...  I'm ever so sorry (yeah...  right!)...




"I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth"...

I love mamma and daddys old Bible...  and they don't love me loving it!  For some reason they're not very happy when I try to make it even more antique-looking!  I'm allowed to sleep on it though, as they have given up on keeping me off the tables...  but I'm not allowed to bite and scratch it.  Ok, mamma, I'll be good (yeah, right!)...

You can even se a piccie of mamma and daddy behind me...  aaaah, they love eachother very much...  nearly as much as I love them!