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The second I visited the Crowley Cats site, and I saw Brindle,  I was captured...  She's won my heart forever!

<--- Brindle

Isn't she just the most purrfect creature you've ever seen?  She's beautiful, couragous, soft, furry, tortie, gorgeous, amazing...  she's all a handsome kitty (like me) can ever wish for! 

I dream of her all the time...  wishing we were sitting together in the kitchen window, watching the birdies (and evil fish living in the pond!)...  Oh, Brindle - I would give you the world!  I'd even show you my secret hiding place...  we could hide there together!

But unfortunately, my love Brindle, lives a bit more that just a stroll away...  so I have to make do with my dreams of her...  She'll always have a special place in my heart! 

If you wish to visit my love (send her purr-purrs from me if you do!), click on her picture, and you'll be taken right there.

We were spotted!!! --->

My love Brindle and me were spotted at the New Years Party at CatMountain...  Brindle looked glowing as always!  She's all dressed up and loooking even more beautiful that ever (if that's possible!),  and I'm looking quite dashing myself!  Brindles Meowmie made the outfits - well done and big thank you's!

Click to visit the New Years Party!  We all had the most purrfect time!

<--- Treasured Christmas card from my love...

Oooo...  she's so gorgeous!  I'll always treasure this card...  my first card from my love!  And look at her!  Am I the luckiest cat in the world, or what?!?

If you click on it, you'll be taken to Brindles (and the rest of the Crowley Cats) Christmas memories for 2004.

Holiday to Europe! --->

I invited Brindle to come on a romantic Holiday to Europe with me.  I had promised Brindles Meowmie to behave like a true gentlecat all the time...  and I did!  Well... almost all the time, anyway...

Click on the postcard to join us on our magical holiday!

<--- Brindles (and family!) lovely Valentines card!

Oh - just look at her!  She's so stunning it makes my heart ache just to see her!  Happy Valentines Day to you too, my love!

If you click on her card, you'll be taken to the Valentines site, I made especially to celebrate our love for Valentines 2005!

Circle of Charms Valentine Sweetheart Dance! --->

My - oh - my!  Don't we just look amazing!  Here we are all dressed up for the Circle of Charms Valentines Ball.  Brindle invited me - and boy was I glad she did!

We had the most romantic night, with slow dancing, some whiskers kisses, and lots of good food and company!

Thank you to Brindles Meowmie for dressing us up...  Brindle was the belle of the ball, and I had to fight off all the Toms that were eyeing her up!

If you click on us, you'll be taken to the enchanting ball!