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I'm so proud... I'm so proud... I'm so proud!!! These are the awards I've gotten... I might not have a fantastic website (as neither me, nor mamma are very good at making websites!), but I am a fantastic cat! Large purr-purrs for the lovely awards! Thank you ever so much!


I have also decided to give out my own award... my "Purr-tastic Site Award"! It will be awarded to cat-realated sites that makes an impression on me on my travels on the web. Now, of course I'm not able to find all the great cat sites out there on my own, so if you leave your pawprint in the guestbook, I'll make sure I go to visit... and if you site impresses me, makes me laugh, or show a great love of the kittes displayed there, you might get mail... Click on the sample award below, and you can see whom I've given it to!

I'd also like to say: "Sorry!" to all the lovely people and kitties who have sent me these gorgeous awards...  I had to minimise a lot of them, as I've now recieved so many (purr-purr!), and I'd like to display them all on one page...  If anybody have any complaints about it, please mail me (e-mail on home page), and I'll move it to a different page in the original size.  Thank you!

Click on my sample award, and you'll see who's won it!

Large purr-purrs to Gusto, for this beautiful award! I love you, Gusto!

Big "thank you"s to Fur All Over for this lovely award! Much appreciated!

Midnight thinks I'm cute!!! Ah... I'm on cloud 9! Thank you, Midnight and Cindy... you make me blush!

Oooo... The Mad Cats thinks I'm cute too! Life doesn't get much better than this! Cuddles to the Mad Cats, especially Tink... who thinks she's just a cute as me!

This is such a pretty award... thank you ever so much, Marvaline! And best of all - she thinks I'm totally adorable!

Thanks to I Love Cats... my first award! Wow! Purr-purr!

Wow! Look at this beautiful award! Isn't it amazing? And best of all... Tineke and the kitties thinks I'm lovely and adorable! *Blushes* Thank you!

Check out this cool award from KittyCatFurballs! Large purr-purrs and thanks you's!

I got his lovely award for answering questions... about cats! Easy-peasy! Thank you to About Cats.

Look at this amazing and beautiful award... and it's for me!!! Thank you Kitties R Us!

Wow! Basil the Bionic Cat must be the busiest cat in world... and he still got the time to give me an award! Thank you ever so much! Basil - you rule!

Thank you to Larry for this funky award given in Kitty Greycats memory! Better than tuna!

What a super award! For me, for me, for me!!! Thank you The Pet Shed!

I just adore this personalised award from the Mousekowitz Cats! Thank you ever so much! I also love the fact that they think I'm a good looking cat! Purr-purr!

Oh... I'm so chuffed!!! Thank you to Sam, Sasha. Socksy and Smokey at Lazy Kitty City! Purr-purr!

A million thank you's and purr-purrs to the BratCats (Brandee, Dondee and Gatsby) and their mommy (Maxine)! I'm truly honored. *Being humble*

This is not really an award, but I like to think of it as one (and as it's my site - I do as I please!). Huge big purrs and thank you's to Dog the Cat!

Charlyne, Anna, Seven and Speckles thinks my site is fun! Thank you ever so much! Purr-purr!

It twinkles!!! Oh, thank you Rawhawk and the Hooligans! What a superb award!

Oh... I'm so chuffed! Site of the Year...? Me? Thank you ever so much to Larry, who gave me this wonderful award in the memory of Kitty GreyCat!

CloudDancing Cattery thinks I'm too cute! Oh, thank you! And the award is absolutely smashing!

Aaaahhhh... I love this award! It's gorgeous! Thanks a bunch to The Cats Meow! *Blushes* Best of all... Liz, Jasmine, Brandy, Nikky, and Honey thinks I'm a real cutey!

Thank you to EduCat for this super cool award! Smashing!

I found the hidden Halloween Cat at Scrappy's Nest!!! Well done me! (Of course I was also in there to visit Brindle!)

Thank you to Heleca for this beautiful award! It's very much appreciated!

Huge big purrs and thanks you's to Dylan, Blue, jet and FuzzButt for this superb award! I'm chuffed!

I'm a Catsup Cat of Character! Thank you - thank you! Purr-purr!

This is such a cool award! I love it! Thanks a bunch to Calvin and Hobbes!