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This page is dedicated to my "uncle" Thomas!  There's also a kind of memorial to all my other "aunts" and "uncles" at the end of the page.

By "uncle", I mean, he's mammas mammas cat...  my grandmammas cat!  Kind of mammas "brother"! 

I've never met Thomas, but he sure looks handsome!  Mamma says he's not a very nice cat, though.  That doesn't mean she doesn't love him, but that he's not a very pleasant cat...

He was a homeless kitty, and grandmamma felt such pitty for him.  Grandmamma had sworn she was never gonna have another kitty, as she for once in her life had complete freedom with mamma and her brother flown from the nest, and no more cats living with her and grandpappa...  but when Thomas came, starving and thin, meowing around the house...  she suddenly became a mum again!

So, enter Thomas:  The huge stripy cat!  With huge, I mean, heavy and large, not fat by any means.  He's now a health 7kgs, and his favourite is freshly cooked fish!

  Having fun trying to dish fresh fish out of the sink! Sorry, Thomas, you'll have to wait until it's been cooked!

Thomas likes fresh fish...  and that's about where it stops.  He doesn't like much else.  Well, except biting that is.

It seems Thomas, has never learnt the difference between playbiting (or letting people know "I don't like that" with a little soft bite) and chewing meat.  He bites, and he bites hard!  There's no stopping him.  He'll actually jump up and draw blood from somebodys thigh.  Needless to say, everbody's scared of him...  except grandpappa...  Thomas has never bitten grandpappa.

When mamma goes home to her mamma and pappa, she'll let Thomas sleep in her bed...  but as she says "I sleep with one eye open...  'coz you never know when he decideds to attack!".



Grandmamma has to de-worm Thomas atleast twice a year, and once he even had to go to the vet with a huge infection on his neck...  nobody knows what had happened, as it was on one of his trips.

Thomas will come and go as he pleases, sometimes he stays the night, sometimes he's out hunting (and leave little pressies for grandmamma outside the door in the moring), but grandpappa has made Thomas his own house!  It's got insulated walls, it's carpeted and it's even got rooftiles!  Lucky Thomas!  And that's where he'll sleep if he doesn't come in at night.

Grandpappa really likes Thomas...  he says it's the best cat they've ever had.  Grandpappa says:  "Great cat, doesn't meow, doesn't scratch anywhere, and never uses the floor as a loo!"  Grandmamma says:  "It doesn't feel like he's my cat...  he just eats and sleeps here...  and I'm terrified of him!"

Not looking too happy here...

  All the other "brothers" and "sisters" mamma's had:

Puss:  Homeless adult female, that came to stay when mamma was 6...  sadly she died of old-age when mamma was 17...  the sweetest most ladylike cat ever!!!  A shorthaired stripy grey beauty, with a pink little nose.

Black-Puss:  Poor little Black-Puss...  she didn't even see her first birthday.  She was the kitten of a cat that were being mistreated while the owners were on holiday (the people that were supposed to feed her never did...  so grandmamma did until the owners came back from holiday).  Black-Puss' mommy carried her, and her 3 siblings to grandmamma...  and grandmamma kept Black-Puss.  She became very ill from an early age, and the vet tried several medications.  In the end the vet said that it would be best to put her down, atleast there would be no more suffering for her.  A gorgeous silky nearly all black cat, with the tiniest white spot under her chin.

The Little One:  Grandmamma had been found by a homeless kitten...  but this time the owners were found!  the owners thought mamma looked so sad when she handed the little kitten over, so they decided to give mamma a sibling of the kitten!  The Little One was a feisty female, with a gorgeous long tuxedo coat!  Unfortunatly, The Little One, was quite wild, and would disappear for days...  one day she was found badly hurt.  There was no chance of her recovery, and the vet had to put The Little One to sleep.

Vinnie:  Came right after The Little One had to be put to sleep...  3 weeks after The Little One had passed on, Vinnie showed up!  A skinny, scabby, big tom cat...  Mamma loved him from the second she saw him.  He turned out (with loads of food and love), to be the most gorgeous loving cat ever!  With a tabby long coat, and the most fantastic tail ever seen...  and ever so affectionate!  3 years on, Vinnie decided his time was up, and flug himself infront of a car.   Vinnie - mamma know she'll see you again, til then, have fun my friend!

Loke:  Loke came about a year after Vinnie had passed on...  A puny little white kitten with black spotts...  He was screaming outside the house, and of course he was taken in and fed.  Everybody tried  to find out who owned him, as he was so little he couldn't have gone far...  but nobody acknowledged him...  maybe he came from one of the nearby farms.  Loke was a very restless cat, and didn't like staying inside.  He would come in and eat, and then he'd take off again.  Sometimes it was weeks between his visits...  and then he just stopped coming at all.  Where ever you are, Loke, I hope you've found a happy home you're settled in!

They Say Memories Are Golden,

Well Maybe That Is True...

I Never Wanted Memories,

I Only Wanted You.

A Million Times I Needed You,

A Million Times I Cried...

If Love Alone Could Have Saved You,

You Never Would Have Died.


In Life I Loved You Dearly,

In Death I Love You Still...

In My Heart You Hold A Place,

That No-One Can Ever Fill.

If Tears Could Build A Stairway,

And Heartache Make A Lane,

I’d Walk The Path To Heaven,

And Bring You Back Again.


Our Family Chain Is Broken,

And Nothing Seems The Same...

But As God Calls Us One By One,

The Chain Will Link Again.


Aaaah...  Thomas looking all cuddly!  Better not touch, unless you want to be bitten, though!