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The garden... what a place! A pond with fish, tons of birds... it's like a piece of Heaven!

I have to say, mamma and daddy are not very nice when it comes to the garden...  they put me on a leash!  Like I'm some kind of dog!  Mamma claims I'm not allowed to go out by myself until I've been "micro-chipped" and "castrated"...  oh, well...  how bad can it be?  It's not like they're gonna have something inserted into me, or chopping some bodyparts off...  is it?


Wow! I even manage to look cool with a stupid leash on!



OK, so I might like the garden... but I certainly don't like getting my paws wet on the grass! Better clean it off!



So much to explore! Today the garden - tomorrow the neighbourhood!



Mamma thinks I look the cutest ever here! And I guess she's right!



I love watching the pond!!! The fish doesn't interest me much, but the water tastes delicious! Click on the piccie above, and you'll be taken to the fish' site (yes, they got their own site too!).